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Welcome to Clubretrothrifts, your go-to online thrift store in Kerala, where sustainability meets style! Our mission is to redefine fashion by curating a collection of pre-loved treasures. Join us in conscious shopping, where every purchase tells a story and contributes to a more eco-friendly future. Committed to reducing fashion waste and embracing second chances, we invite you to discover unique finds and be part of our thrift-loving community. Thank you for choosing us as your sustainable thrift store destination!

Shopping at our online thrift store in kerala provides you with a chance to discover exceptional and reasonably priced items while supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices through giving pre-owned items a fresh lease of life. Experience the excitement of finding unique treasures that cannot be found anywhere else, all while enjoying the comfort of your own home.



“Certainly! Online thrift stores, including those in Kerala, are eco-friendly. They promote the reuse of items and contribute to sustainability by reducing the environmental impact associated with new goods. If you are interested in eco-friendly shopping options, you may consider exploring a thrift store in Kerala for a greener shopping experience.”

it’s essential to take some precautions for a seamless experience. Pay attention to sizing, read product descriptions carefully, and familiarize yourself with return policies. To ensure a positive and reliable thrift shopping experience, consider exploring our thrift store in Kerala, where quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.”

“Definitely! It’s very important to make sure that the items you purchase online are of good quality. To ensure this, you should carefully review the product descriptions, photos and customer reviews for any information on wear and tear or damage. When shopping at our thrift store in Kerala, you can trust that we prioritize accuracy in providing detailed information about the condition of our items.”

 It’s important to ensure that you get the right fit when purchasing clothes online. To do this, check the sizing details provided by the seller, and don’t hesitate to ask for additional measurements if required. You can also read reviews from other buyers to get an idea of the accuracy of the sizing information. For a diverse and trustworthy collection of clothing in Kerala, we recommend checking out our thrift store in Kerala.

“Of course! Please note that shipping methods and costs may differ from one store to another. If you’d like to learn more about delivery times, shipping fees, or international shipping options, it’s recommended that you review the store’s shipping policy. At our thrift store in Kerala, we make it a priority to provide you with clear and transparent information regarding shipping.


3 reasons why you should #ShiftToThrift

thrift store  in kerala

Discover top brands like Carhartt, Dickies, Nike, Wrangler, and more at up to 70% off retail prices in our collection.

thrift store in kerala

Every thrifted piece is unique and cannot be restocked, allowing you to display rare fashion.

thrift store in kerala

Cartoon-printed shirt or a classic band tee? You simply never know what gems you might find here!



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